Safeguarding Guidelines


Use of Social Media, Phones and Photography in Productions Involving Junior Members

The Oxted Players are committed to providing the best theatre experience possible in productions for all our members, whatever their age. This includes providing a safe, secure environment for all. Everyone should expect to be treated, and must treat others, with respect, dignity and fairness. Neither bullying nor harassment will be tolerated. Our Child Protection policy is available on the TOPS website and relates to all those of licensable age (16 and under in the school year of a production) – referred to as “junior members” in these guidelines. The Child Protection Policy also includes those under 18 to whom we also have a duty of care.

These guidelines should be read as applying throughout the life of a production, i.e. from initial casting to final ‘get out’, and applying to all those involved in a production in whatever role.

Contact between adults and junior members through social media
• We take the view that unrestricted contact between adult and junior members of a production through social media is not appropriate. There should be no direct contact between adults and junior members via phones/social media eg ‘private messaging/texting etc. All contact via social media should be via any closed Facebook groups that have been set up and visible to all members of that group, or emailed via the parent or guardian of the junior member. Adult members of the group should not accept social media ‘friend’ requests from junior members.

Use of phones cameras in rehearsals or performance
• For junior members, all phones/cameras should be handed into chaperones when being signed in for rehearsals and performances. These will be kept in a secure place and returned when you sign out. Adult and over 16 members will not be required to hand in their phones/cameras, but we ask you to be sensitive to the restriction placed on the junior members and therefore to minimise the use of your devices.
• We recognise that backstage photographs are part of the fun of being involved in a performance. The head chaperone will arrange for a time during the production for such photographs to be taken. In any case, they may be taken only in communal areas and no photographs are permitted in changing rooms. This applies to all members of the cast and crew and to chaperones.
• If you join in group shots this will be taken as your permission for these photographs to be put onto social media after the production run.
• Chaperones will be aware of any cast member who may not have, or have given, permission for their image to be shared and will ensure that this person does not take part in these group photographs.
• There should be no photographs put on social media of rehearsals or from backstage during a run without the express permission of the director or producer.

Compliance with these guidelines
• We think that what we have set out hits the right balance between some necessary safeguarding restrictions and allowing for the collective enjoyment for its participants that comes with a happy production. We therefore reserve the right to remove from a production and/or rescind their membership of TOPS of anyone who wilfully ignores these guidelines.

Peter Calver
Chairman Oxted Players
October 2017