1. The name of the Society shall be The Oxted Players



2. The objects of the Society shall be the cultivation of the arts of drama and music and the public presentation of plays, pantomimes and revues.  The Society shall also encourage social activity amongst its members, and afford them, as far as possible, opportunities for being present at stage performances given by other societies and by professional companies.



3. The Society shall consist of persons interested in any branch of the performing arts.

4. The Society shall have a President, Vice-Presidents and Honorary Life Members and a Main Committee consisting of the Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer and a minimum of six other members.  The Main Committee shall approve applications for membership of the Society under one of the following categories:

(a) FULL MEMBER (Entitled to perform)


(c) FAMILY MEMBERSHIP* (Two adults and one child)

(d) ASSOCIATE MEMBER (Non-acting)


(f) PATRON (Individuals may become Patrons upon annual donation of  sum not less than that determined at a General Meeting.  Patrons will receive newsletters and may vote at meetings, but are not entitled to perform in productions. Should they wish to do so, their membership must be upgraded to that of a full member).

*This equates to full membership status for adults and student membership for those in full-time education entitling the member to perform in productions.



5. The Society shall be managed by the Main Committee elected annually in the manner hereinafter provided.  FIVE members shall form a quorum.  The Main Committee shall meet at such times and in such places as they shall think fit and at least once in every eight weeks.  Notice of such meeting shall be given to all members of the Main Committee at least 7 days prior to the date fixed for such meeting, except in cases of special urgency.

6. The Officers of the Society shall be the CHAIRMAN, the SECRETARY and the TREASURER.  The Officers shall be elected by members at the Annual General Meeting.  Any vacancy occurring in the office of Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer (otherwise than at the Annual General Meeting) shall be filled by the Main Committee at their discretion.  The Main Committee shall appoint from Officers, Committee Members and Full Members of the Society each Sub-Committee which it may be necessary to set up to carry out the objectives of the Society.  All such Sub-Committees shall act and incur expenditure only with the previous consent of the Main Committee.  The Officers of the Society shall be ex officio members of all Sub-Committees.

7. The appointment of Directors (whether members of the Society or not) shall be the sole prerogative of the Main Committee.

8. The Main Committee shall have power to remove, by a resolution carried by at least two-thirds of the full Main Committee, any Officer or Committee member and to expel any member who shall be considered guilty of conduct prejudicial to the interests of the Society.  Any office thus becoming vacant shall be dealt with in accordance with Rule 29.

9. Only Full Members shall be eligible for election to the Main Committee.

10. Members of the Main Committee shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election.  All retiring members of the Main Committee shall continue to hold office until their successors are elected.



11. The year of the Society shall for all purposes commence on the first day of June and terminate on the following 31st May.  The Accounts for the Society shall be made up annually to the 31st May and an Income and Expenditure Account  Receipts and Payments Account and a Balance Sheet for the past year shall be prepared and presented to the Main Committee as soon as possible thereafter.  Such accounts shall be audited and presented to the members at the Annual General Meeting convened in accordance with Rule 22.

12.   Officers, Committee Members  or Members shall not, as a general rule,  be paid any remuneration for performing in productions or for other services.  They will, however, be reimbursed for reasonable expenses on behalf of the Society with the prior consent of the Main Committee.  The prior consent of the Main Committee is also required if, exceptionally, any remuneration is to be paid to any Officer, Committee member or Member.

13. All funds, property and other effects of the Society shall be vested in the Main Committee.  In the event of dissolution of the Society any funds remaining in hand shall be devoted to recognised charities.



14. Applications for election to membership shall be made in writing to the Secretary, and the election or rejection of applicants shall rest entirely with the Main Committee.

15. The Annual Subscription for membership shall be determined annually as follows:-



(c) FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (Two adults and one child – additional children can be included at the student rate)



(f) PATRON (£50 Minimum voluntary donation)

STUDENT MEMBERS (i.e. those still at school or receiving full-time education) will be entitled to all the privileges of Full  Membership until such time as they enter paid employment.  Thereafter they may continue as Full  Members upon payment of a subscription which will be determined annually.

In addition to the agreed subscription, every member appearing in a production shall be required to pay an additional fee, as determined by the Committee, for every production in which he/she may appear.

16. Subscriptions shall become payable on or before the first day of June in each year.  A Full Member or Student Member whose subscription remains unpaid on the following 31st August  shall be precluded from taking part in productions or other activities of the Society and from voting at the General Meetings until such overdue subscription shall have been paid.   Associate Members shall not take part in any production and shall not be permitted to vote at General or other business meetings of the Society.  No member under the age of 16 shall be allowed to vote at any such meetings.

17. The distinction of Honorary Life Membership may on the recommendation of the Main Committee only be conferred at a General Meeting on such persons as shall have rendered special services to the Society.



18. The Society will operate a Child Protection Policy which incorporates statutory provisions prevailing at the time.




(a)  It is the Society’s policy to audition all parts for all productions.

(b) All members are advised of the times and dates of auditions, in advance, via the newsletter or email

(c) Workshops can be open but auditions are closed to all except those participating by being considered for part or reading in.

(d) Although it is not essential to be a member of the Society to audition, anyone wishing to accept a part offered in a production must upon acceptance be or become a fully paid up member of the Society.

(e) Audition pieces are advised in advance by the Director and do not have to be learnt by heart.

(f) Casting frequently takes more than one audition and therefore it is generally the Society’s policy to not advise the final casting details until all parts are cast.   The Director or his PA would normally carry this out.

(g) Any fully paid up member who wishes to audition for a particular part in a production must be afforded the opportunity to do so unless he/she is unavailable on all dates on which auditions for that part are due to be held.

(h) All auditions are carried out by a committee of a minimum of three people (the Director, a Committee Member and another

(i)  In the event of being unable to cast a production from within the membership, the Director may seek the Committee approval to invite casting from outside the Society. 



20. The interpretation of these Rules and the decision of any dispute arising therefrom shall rest solely with the Main Committee and all differences of interpretation between members shall be referred to the Main Committee whose decision thereon shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.21. No alteration shall be made to these Rules except at an Annual General Meeting or other General Meeting.  Due notice in writing shall be given to the Secretary in accordance with Rule 26.  The Resolution embodying the proposed alterations or any amendments thereto must be carried by at least two-thirds of the votes recorded at such meeting.

22. One ordinary General Meeting of the Society called the Annual General Meeting shall be held each year at which the Accounts for the past year (duly audited as provided in Rule 11) shall be presented, the Officers and Members of the Main Committee for the year elected and all general business transacted.  The date time and place of such meeting shall be fixed by the Main Committee and shall be as soon as possible after the first day of June in each year as is practicable and not later than the thirtieth day of September in the same year.

23. An auditor shall be elected annually by the members of the Annual General Meeting.

24. An Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society may be called at any time at the discretion of the Main Committee or upon request in writing to that effect given by not less than 10 Full Members.  Such request shall state the business for which the meeting is called and no other business shall then be transacted at that meeting.

25. 15 Full Members shall constitute a quorum at General Meetings.  The Members present shall elect one of their number to be Chairman of the Meeting.

26. Notice of every General Meeting giving particulars of the business to be transacted thereat, and in the case of the Annual General Meeting, giving the names of the persons nominated as Officers and members of the Main Committee, shall be sent to all members at least seven days prior to the date fixed for such meeting.  Preliminary Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to every member at least 21 days before the date thereof.



27. The names of the members nominated as Officers and members of the Main Committee and particulars of Resolutions to be brought before the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to the Secretary in writing not later than 14 days before the date of such meeting and a copy of this Rule to set out in the Preliminary Notice referred to in Rule 26.

28. Any Full Members may nominate another Full Member for the office of Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.  If more than one nomination is received for each office the election to that office shall be decided by ballot.  A Full Member may also nominate another Full  Member for election to one of the six other vacancies on the Main Committee.  Those unsuccessful in securing election in any ballot for election as an officer of the Society will, unless they indicate otherwise, be automatically included in the nominations for the other vacant places on the Main Committee.  Every nominee shall, before the meeting, signify to the Secretary in writing his/her willingness to serve if elected.

30. Every Full Member, Student Member over the age of 16  or Patron present at a General Meeting shall be entitled to one vote provided the current subscription/donation is paid.  If a tie shall occur on a ballot, the election (as between the persons interested) shall be decided by a second ballot.  In case of an equality of votes on an ordinary resolution, the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.



31. All communications addressed to or intended for the Main Committee as such shall be made in writing to the Secretary.



The Oxted Players is committed to the fair treatment of its members, volunteer helpers and those employed as directors, technicians and musicians, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, responsibilities for dependents, age, physical/mental disability or offending background.